Limited Hangout: A Rare Dylan Bootleg

(LHN) In honor of Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize in Literature, to be awarded later this week, we are posting this rare bootleg of Limited Hangout, recorded at Liverpool’s Crown Plaza Hotel in the spring of 1965. This clip is from a video montage looking back at Dylan’s career of over half a century, which will be screened during the ceremony in Stockholm — and features a song that was originally the inspiration for the name of this blog.

Here’s our best attempt at a transcript of the lyrics. (If you think we got some of this wrong, post your interpretation in the comments.)

Who of ye will cast the first stone
While you decline to atone
For those honey-toned
Double-dealing half truths
Flooding the nation,
Fast drowning in a cesspool
Of misinformation?
Hear those catch phrases
To appease and curb the masses,
Prayers for the nation,
Equating it with its assets.
Limited hangout, call it out,
A truth told with a bad intent
Beats all the lies you can invent.
Limited hangout, ain’t it nice and ain’t it handy?
Doling out those nuggets of information
Like wrapped-up candy.

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