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Limited Hangout can mean many things. Among others, it’s an apt description of our public discourse: we get stories in bits and pieces that seem to make up a whole, though one that’s way smaller than the sum of its parts.

Limited Hangout is run by brothers Ilari and Tuomas Kaila. Our writing and reporting, both in English and Finnish, has appeared in various newspaper and periodicals, including Jacobin Magazine, Aeon Magazine, Muftah Magazine, Progressive Army, most of Finland’s biggest media outlets and various alternative media, and cited in Naked Capitalism. We have produced documentaries and docudramas for the Finnish Broadcasting Company. In 2015, we signed a deal with the Ahlback Literary Agency in New York to represent our as-yet-unpublished debut novel, The Education of Dr. Johanssen.

Tuomas: I’m a jack of all trades based in Helsinki; a musician, screenwriter, and media entrepreneur. I have an MA in directing from the Aalto University department of film, which is worth jack shit. Currently, I’m working on a screenplay for a coming-of-age drama series for the Finnish Broadcasting Company, and putting the finishing touches on a satirical collection of short prose, with a focus on international diplomacy, coming out in the fall of 2017.

Ilari: I’m a composer, freelance journalist, and writer. In 2004, I migrated to New York, where I’ve lived most of my adult life. Shuttling back and forth between the two countries made me interested in how the US is seen by Europeans (hence our Dumb Europeans category). This also led to my first foray into investigative journalism in 2013, when I broke the first of two stories about the Finnish government’s secret negotiations with the US on the CIA’s torture flights. In 2011-13, I blogged at Obama the ConservativeI’ve lived and worked in Hong Kong since 2014, as Composer-in-Residence at HKUST.

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